Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LHH Time Out Room - Tropical Waterfall

The girls of this unit at Laurel Heights, requested that their Time-Out unit be painted in a tropical paradise theme; complete with a waterfall, rainbow, and lots of tropical plants.

To complete this look, I painted a beach scene in the hallway. Palm trees, a beach umbrella, a colorful parrot, and sand castle round out this scene.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Chill Out Room" at LHH

The old, "Time Out" Room on this girl's unit at LHH was painted in a cherry, pastoral scene to help the girls calm down in a soothing environment. This soothing room is now called the, "Chill Out Room", and is outfitted with a soft, shag rug and bean bag chair. It is reported that the girls on this unit now jump at the chance to go into this room to calm themselves down, all on their own.

Inspirational Tree for LHH

This tree was painted in the "Day Room " of a residential unit at LHH, a children's psychiatric hopital in Atlanta, GA. They asked for a large, graphic tree, with lots of branches, and large leaves with encouraging words on them floating around the room.

Once I had the tree painted, we realized the rest of the day room needed a bit more attention, and soon the whole room was filled with trees, butterflies, flowers, and bunnies.